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MageSpecialist, a Skeeller’s trademark, is a dynamic and result-oriented web agency and software house, dedicated to the development of robust, reliable and scalable e-commerce solutions based on open-source software.

We specialize in complex software integration, high-performance hosting and management of mission critical enterprise projects.
We work in close contact with exceptional business partners on a daily basis to provide our satisfied clients with our best experience, advice and support.

We are Magento Enterprise Solution Partners (Adobe Gold Partner) and Magento 2 Trained Partners, Magento 2 Certified Solution Specialist and Certified Developer.
We are Magento Mantainer and Magento Master

We also are Akeneo Bronze Partner, Shopware Business Partner, BigCommerce Certified Partner and Algolia Partner.

We are regular guests and speakers at the major industry technical and business events.

We are Business Partners of the Consorzio Netcomm

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designed with open-source technology


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Years of experience

in open-source technology

Our story

MageSpecialist was created as a trademark of Skeeller web agency established in 2017 thanks to the know-how acquired on the field by Idealia Group srl and has always focused on open source solutions.

Since 2008 our core business has been to provide robust and reliable e-commerce solutions based on Magento and other open source applications.

Today, we can rely on a skilled team of specialists and have dozens of satisfied clients.


Why choose us

We strongly believe in open source software, in agile development, in following up on our clients immediately and over time.

We aim for a streamlined and practical problem-solving approach: we deal with real and everyday problems with enthusiasm, trying to anticipate any future problems not to be caught unprepared.

We try to involve the clients in every step of their project and advice them always as best as we can.


Our vision

We believe – and we are not the only ones – that in the next 5-10 years e-commerce will have replaced or come abreast of traditional sales channels, integrating and developing them further.

We want to be in that future, side by side with those clients who will choose us as technical and consulting partners,
to allow them to grow their business and be launched in the future of e-commerce, reaping its fruits.


e-commerce projects

completed since 2008

Million Euros

of turnover earned by our Clients since 2014

Working hours

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The Management

You might have seen us around…  🙂

Tommaso Galmacci

Tommaso Galmacci

Founder, CEO & Project Manager

Class 1977, he has a background in humanities and arts studies which he turned into a business with self-taught passion.
He is one of the founders of the Idealia.net project back in 1997. In 2001 he founded, with other partners, Idealia Group s.r.l. and has been the (worker) President of the group since 2003. He currently holds the same position as Founder&President also at Skeeller srl.

At MageSpecialist, he is a Project Manager, analyst and sales rep.

Marco Giorgetti

Marco Giorgetti

Founder, Sales & Communication Manager

Champion of the open source cause, a technology enthusiast, founding member of the local Linux User Group, great advocate for freeware software. The youngest and yet the wisest of us all! One of the founders of Idealia Group in 2001, he has always covered the role of marketing and sales manager in addition to the most varied technical tasks. In Skeeller srl he has been filling the same positions, especially that of wise man!

At MageSpecialist he is in charge of communication, marketing, project management.

Riccardo Tempesta

Riccardo Tempesta

Founder, CTO

Class ’79, brought up on bread and computer science (he received his first PC at the age of 6), he has become overtime a developer with an exceptional cross-cutting knowledge in the most varied areas of this sector. He has been with Idealia Group since 2001 as founding partner and technical director and has kept the same roles in Skeeller Srl.

He is the backbone of the technical division; at MageSpecialist he is senior developer & technical manager.

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