Il PIM Open Source


What is a PIM?

A Product Information Management (PIM) system centralizes and harmonizes all your marketing and technical information for product listings and catalogs.

Why use a PIM?

  • Improve the quality and consistency of product data across all channels
  • Streamline the onboarding process for suppliers and data providers
  • Stop dreaming of giant spreadsheet monsters coming from outer space to destroy your data!
  • Establish one source of truth for product information

What kind of data in a PIM?

  •  Marketing data (product stories, rich descriptions, labels…
  • Media files (images, PDFs, videos…)
  • Technical data (measures, ingredients, specifications, …)
  • Users data (comments, rates, …)

PIM in a nutshell

The Akeneo PIM solution

Import your data

Import different Excel and CSV files, connect to third party systems, and onboard your suppliers to get a full and clear view of all your imports. Akeneo PIM comes with a simple yet extensible import engine that greatly simplifies data onboarding from virtually any source!

Organize and classify

Organize and classify your products the way you want. No more complex tabular views with hundreds of useless columns!
Our powerful and intuitive product grid will help you to perform advanced searches on your catalog in a few clicks and to display only the information you need.

Edit and translate

Easily edit your data. Define the attributes you need, complete product sheets, translate your information into as many languages as you want, add your media files, and keep track of any modifications directly in the product history.

Ensure quality and completeness

Control the quality of your data thanks to our completeness tool. End forever the habit of publishing incomplete or untranslated product descriptions! Because you will agree with us. An incomplete product description. No way.

Export your data

Want to export only the products updated since the last export in CSV every night? No problem, you can choose directly what to export, how and when! You will also find in our marketplace some connectors to directly export your data to your e-commerce website, your print catalog, your favorite marketplace and a lot more…

MageSpecialist is Akeneo Bronze Partner

MageSpecialist is the first italian Akeneo Bronze Partner.
We decided to focus on this modern and open source PIM platform because it seamlessly integrates with other web and ecommerce technologies we use – like Magento – and offers a real value to big and smalle rpojects to our clients.

Do you need a PIM?

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