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We design robust, safe, reliable open source e-commerce applications.

E-commerce is without a doubt the business revolution of the 21st century.

Together with the great generalist and vertical players and marketplaces, a large number of fierce and competitive small merchants, each specialised in their own niche market, have taken to the pitch to to boost their business reaching new potential clients all over the world.

We stand with those entrepreneurs and shop owners. What we can do for them is using all the knowledge and know-how acquired over 20 years of experience with open source technology and implement reliable and fast e-commerce systems fit to each client’s individual needs.


Magento – Open Source Commerce

Since 2008 – when it was first released – Magento has become the most powerful, reliable, complete open source e-commerce platform available. Its popularity has grown steadily.

Magento is not just an out-of-the-box software to be installed and configured: it is a complete programming environment to develop e-commerce applications for any need.

As all other flexible, modular and structured software, Magento requires a strong vertical know-how. We decided to specialize on Magento because we believe in its incredible potential.

Magento 2 has been released in 2015, after 5 years of announcements and work. If Magento 1 has been the e-commerce “revolution” of the last decade, we have right reason to believe that Magento 2 may be the new standard that will dominate the market over the next.


Our strengths


No e-commerce project is ever identical to another one. Each project has its specificity, its critical issues, its goals to be set. This is why any successful e-commerce starts with an accurate analysis of the client’s requirements, specific features requested and whishlist.

Thanks to the experience acquired with 70+ e-commerce projects implemented so far, we can carry out this analysis in the most profitable way. Our analysts and project managers work side by side with the client since the pre-sale phase to try and identify the critical issues and possible problems and come out with possible solutions. By spending a little more time on the initial analysis phase, we can plan for any unexpected events, shorten the time to market , calculate the necessary budget “without surprises”.


The most complex and delicate phase of an IT project is code development. In this phase theory becomes practice, the initial analysis is tested on the real challenges met. This is where ideas take shape and theories are turned into practice.

At MageSpecialist, we have learnt never to underestimate small problems or exaggerate solvable ones. Thanks to the experience of Magento Certified Developers and of a small, agile and well-coordinated team, we are ready to face the implementation phase enthusiastically, proactively and with a problem-solving attitude.

All while trying to adhere to the budgeted costs and timeline.



An e-commerce website is often just the “visible part”, the frontend, of a complex software interaction structure.
Upstream and downstream there are ERP and CRM systems, search engines, couriers, payment gateways, statistics, SEMs and SEOs, and virtually any other type of complex integration to be implemented.

Over the years, we have integrated Magento virtually with any software product with the most varied functions.
Every day, our e-commerce websites synchronize thousands of products, orders, customers and information of any kind with dozens of different systems. The software systems speak different languages? No problem: we’ll act as “translators”.


Why choose us?

We are a Magento Business Partner and Magento 2 Trained Solution Partner.

Our team can rely on Magento Certified Developers & Developer Plus, Magento Certified Frontend Developers and Magento Certified Solution Specialists.

We have built over 70 successful Magento-based e-commerce websites.

Our Magento extensions have been downloaded by more than 2500 clients.

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